Self Supported Roofing Systems from the company that revolutionized energy efficient Industrial ventilation solutions.


SunGreen Ventilation Systems
  is a culmination of 3 decades of experience of parent companies Sigma Welds, Metcon Engineers and Sun Ind International.

Part of SunGreen, GreenCurve is an endeavor to bring a cost effective, maintenance free, comprehensive curved metal roofing system with an engineered ventilation system incorporated ensuring longevity of the building.

An ideal industrial building is one if it serves its purpose as a productive workspace that protects from the weather, is safe and comfortable for the workmen and meets the process conditioning requirements.

With our expertise in metallurgy, surface treatments, ventilation and customized air-conditioning systems for industrial and commercial institutions all over India. This has given us an insight into the client’s need to provide a comprehensive industrial building ready for maximum productivity.

Cost Effective, Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions?


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